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Two Pens on Notebook


"I think there are two things that I attribute to my health and longevity.  One is working with Sean Cochran (TPI Certified Trainer) since 2003.  He's not trying to get me to bulk up, he's trying to get my body function sequentially in the right way.  That's a big part of it.  The second is that my golf swing doesn't put a lot of pressure on my body...  I try to let the length of my arc create speed as opposed to trying to be short and violent.

-Phil Mickelson

Great group of guys to work with. Just finished a hour one-on-one session with Wyatt, couldn't have asked for a better workout. My main goal is to be in better golf shape throughout the season in 2018. With Wyatt and EKG's knowledge of golf and fitness, I am excited to begin my off-season training!

-Greg Collins

I've been a member at EKG for over a month now, and I will tell you this is a first class facility with very talented and personable people running it. I have struggled with an out-to-in swing path for years, and their head of instruction, Jim, has made some impactful adjustments to my swing to correct my path. What is great is the ability to see my progress on their simulators, which measure the swing path of every swing. When I started at EKG, I was consistently coming into the ball one to two degrees from the outside, which resulted in a lot of pulled shots. Now, I am able to strike the ball from an inside path and am consistently seeing one to two degrees in-to-out...sometimes even hitting three or four degrees from the inside, which just feels awesome. Mechanics is only part of what I have been working on with the EKG staff. Because of my historically poor mechanics, I have suffered for years with a stiff and painful right hip joint. Wyatt from EKG took me through a very thorough (82 point I believe) functional movement assessment and identified key weaknesses and imbalances in my core, shoulders, and hips that hinder my golf mobility and contribute to my hip pain. After working with Wyatt twice per week for the last few weeks, I already feel stronger and more mobile. More importantly, my hip feels better than it has in YEARS. It takes commitment on your part, but the guys at EKG are really positive and supportive, which has made it easier to get in there and go to work on my program each week. This place takes a wholistic approach to improving your game, and for what you pay I also think it is an incredible value. I've wasted money over the years on one off lessons and chiropractic care. You need a combination of good data, experienced instruction, and a solid fitness program to make lasting changes to your golf game. I'm becoming a believer in that. Give them a chance to help you out, and you will FEEL the difference in your swing, your body, and your attitude.

-Hosh Hakes

I went in for a 30-minute session with Wyatt and they did a quick swing analysis. He sent me exercises to address my weaknesses in flexibility and strength that I worked on this past week. I played my best round of golf of the year on Saturday! Would definitely recommend going in and checking it out!

-Sean McNitt

-Sean McNitt

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